Focused Business Development & Acquisitions

CAPROCK Natural Resources helps private oil and gas firms and management teams acquire small market ($50M-$50MM) strategic assets and prospects. We understand these type assets often provide the best opportunity for value creation and are typically essential to or supplement the firm’s core growth and development strategy.

CAPROCK offers a unique partnership opportunity for firms needing to acquire strategic assets within their Area of Interest. As a dedicated partner, we perform many functions of a business development and land department without the frustrations and expense of hiring full-time employees and allows for a proactive approach to deal flow.

Our goal is to provide a consistent deal flow of quality operated and non-operated prospects through the following actions:

  1. Finding private, pre-auction deal sourcing (we find deals before they go on the auction block/entire market)
  2. Lease checks and leasing
  3. Due diligence and land file integration (before and after the survival period)

We’re a good fit for firms who:

  • Are looking for strategic prospects needed to obtain a private equity sponsorship and are frustrated with deals/properties that have been shopped or auctioned to the entire market
  • Are anxious and uncomfortable with the expense of hiring full-time employees to help with the short-term cycle of business development and acquisition process.

For clients not interested in buying or selling property, CAPROCK also offers active land management services for working interest and mineral holdings. By taking on management responsibilities, CAPROCK can improve income by promoting development of non-producing properties. Additionally, we can oversee properties and interests that can no longer be maintained, conduct inventory research as well as negotiate leases and development strategies with oil companies.

CAPROCK Acquires:

  • Operated Working Interest/Leasehold
  • Non-Operated Working Interest/Leasehold
  • Producing & Non-Producing Minerals
  • Producing & Non-Producing Royalty